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‘SOUNDFIELD’ Classroom Voice Reinforcement Systems

Young people spend at least 45% of their school day engaged in active listening activities, with today’s classroom serving as a primarily auditory verbal environment. However, a recent study in the journal of the American Medical Association showed almost 15% of the children aged 6-19 suffer from some degree of hearing impairment, either permanently or temporarily due to illness, infection or allergies.

Studies estimate that 80% of school children will have some form of hearing loss during an academic year and, with the importance of auditory learning in the classroom, the use of technology to enhance listening performance ultimately allows children to learn more efficiently.

One of the simplest and most effective solutions is a ‘Soundfield Voice Reinforcement System’. Functioning as a mini public address system, it features an infrared wireless microphone, receiver, amplifier and either one or two ceiling Sound Panel loudspeakers (dependant upon the size of the classroom).

For more information regarding the Soundfield System, please contact our office.

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