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Opus is at the for-front of this exciting development in education. We offer a complete turnkey radio station package ranging from a bespoke fixed studio to portable systems.

Opus student radio services are aware that more and more schools and colleges are realising the benefits of radio as a learning experience. A number of the National Curriculum objectives that are sometimes very difficult to achieve by other means are achievable by radio.

Radio is a way of meeting the speaking and listening requirements of the national curriculum. The potential use of radio in other curricular areas such as music, citizenship, drama, IT, media studies and English are limitless. Other skills and qualities students would acquire would be for example, motivation, confidence building, working in teams and thinking carefully about what they say before they “spoke”.

Students with dyslexia and students with English as a second language can also gain from radio. It is a great motivator for children of all abilities and is very hands on!

As well as a great educational tool, radio can be used as an extra curricular activity after school, placing it at the heart of your school community. The Radio Station can be easily linked to another broadcast system for distribution within the schools public areas, for example, the refectory for break/lunch time or networked through the LAN.

We have been involved in school radio since 2000 and have a deep understanding of schools. Through this unique synergy we offer a very supportive service.

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