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  Induction Loop Systems

Induction Loop Symbol  Legislation aimed at improving the life of disabled people has led to an increased demand for Induction Loop Systems. The latest technology provides a great benefit to the hard of hearing, making their lives easier by being able to hear things more clearly. This enables them to participate more freely in life in general, discussions, church services and theatre events that most of us take for granted.


THE DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT (1995) is aimed at ending the discrimination many disabled people face and gives them new rights in, among other things, the area of getting goods and services. The initiative which came into effect in October 2004 is aimed at improving the quality of life of disabled people and has led to an increased demand for induction loops.

BUILDING REGULATIONS (1992) Current building regulations state that non-domestic buildings which are newly erected or have been substantially renovated must provide aids for the hearing impaired. The areas requiring cover are booking and ticket offices where the customer is separated from the vendor by a glazed screen, reception areas, auditoria and meeting rooms in excess of 100 square metres..

Many public buildings and churches have benefited from an OPUS loop system, giving clarity and inclusion to the hard of hearing over the past 25 years.

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