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Assembly Halls Sound and Lighting

Whether using a simple mobile Public Address system or a fully installed audio and lighting package for school shows, the requirements and expectations of the equipment remain the same.

School assembly halls present a unique challenge to audio and lighting engineers, as they are often used for assemblies, school shows and presentations, but were designed for physical education and a cafeteria, with good acoustic properties not on the priority list.

We provide a design, supply and installation service to your unique requirements, which can be maintained via our service contracts.

All our products are available to purchase without an installation package, as required.

Drama audio or lighting systems can also be hired for occasional use from OPUS, such as a nativity play through to a year 11 final production.

‘SOUNDFIELD’ Classroom Voice Reinforcement Systems

Soundfield Voice Reinforcement Systems are a simple and effective method of communicating with all students. Functioning as a mini public address system, it features an infrared wireless microphone, receiver, amplifier and either one or two ceiling Sound Panel loudspeakers (dependant upon the size of the classroom).

Student Radio Services

Opus student radio services are aware that more and more schools and colleges are realising the benefits of radio as a learning experience. A number of the National Curriculum objectives that are sometimes very difficult to achieve by other means are achievable by radio.

For more information about how we can help, please contact our office.

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